Gold Coin Choker Necklace, Spanish Coin Medallion Pendant with Toggle Clasp Chain, Religious Coin Medal, O Ring Lariat Y Boho Womens Jewelry

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Gold coin choker necklace. Modern long box chain is finished in a high quality, heavy 14k gold plate over a smooth open link chain. Chain has a nice sheen and fastens with a 14k gold plated toggle clasp. Coin has different images on both sides, so you can easily change the look of your necklace! You can achieve many different looks depending on the way the necklace is clasped (see photos).

Versatile and sleek toggle clasp necklace can be worn in a variety of ways: Longer length necklaces can be worn lariat style with the toggle ring and coin high at the neckline or if you prefer to wear the O ring lower, just wrap the chain once around the ring to secure it in place. Long length chains can be wrapped twice around the neck with toggle clasp and coin sitting at the neckline or with choker length chain at the neckline and toggle clasp and coin dangling lower on the chest. OR wrap the chain twice to form a double strand of chain for a luxuriously thick tangle of chain next to the toggle clasp and coin medallion.

Coin has images on both sides: Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre adorns one side with the words + DE LA CARIDAD + DEL COBRE + written around the perimeter of the center figures. The other side shows Saint Barbara with the words + SANTA BARBARA RUEGA POR NOSOTROS + written around the perimeter of the coin.

Chain and coin are plated with a thick layer of 14k gold. High quality 14k gold plated chain gives the look of solid 14k gold combined with quality craftsmanship, all at an affordable price.

Coin is about the size of a dime.
Chain is made to order, so you will get the exact size you need -- See drop down menu for lengths -- Let us know if you need a custom length.

→ Please note: For shorter length necklaces (15") measure carefully to make sure the length works for you and is not too short.

→ Important: Find your perfect length by using a string or other flexible material to wrap around your neck to the length you want the chain to fall, then measure the string.

° Heavy 14k gold-plate over a high quality base metal
° Thick Anchor/Long Box chain. Width: 2.8mm
° Gold plated Spanish coin replica: 0.8 inch (21mm), high, 0.7 inch (18mm) wide
° 14k gold plated toggle clasp
° Get the size you need - Let us know if you need a custom length!